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GunWise specialises in the processing of all types of firearm licence applications and appeals.   

GunWise staff are specialists with years of experience - including legal advisors and active hunters.   GunWise uses its own, customised software.  All applications are stored electronically and can be accessed at any time.     

GunWise engages with all role players on a daily basis and are therefore up to date with the most recent requirements of the Central Firearm Registry and Appeal Board. 

GunWise treats all applications in a confidential and professional manner.


Tel: 084 424 1966

Fax: 086 226 8346

E-mail: [email protected]

Latest News

SA Hunters Ask Court to Consolidate Court Cases on New Firearm Law 

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SAGA Reserves Its Opinion on Consolidation of Court Cases on New Firearm Law

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Well known Jackal Expert killed in freak accident on shooting range.  Read full article here.

GunWise Forum to be available soon!

Due to demand from members, anyone with an interest in Firearms will soon be able to have their say on the GunWise Forum - Read opinions from firearm owners, firearm dealers, hunting associations and respond if you want to!